Mail is a visual medium, so we design our pieces to be image-driven. Our in-house art department is the envy of the industry. We never use a one-size-fits-all template and are constantly looking for fresh ways to capture voters’ attention. In a world where attention is divided and voters are savvier and more immune to advertising, we know we need to make an instant impression.

One of the principal tenets of Mission Control is our commitment to research-driven mail. We are constantly reviewing polling, focus groups, and academic literature to improve our mail. We’re also proactive with our research. For example, we conducted a first-of-its-kind research project using Tobii Studio to record and analyze eye gaze data. Measuring eye gaze is a proven commercial tactic that allows advertisers to understand the images, fonts, and graphic design elements that most effectively capture consumers’ attention. There is a wealth of data showing a positive correlation between time spent with advertising and recall, and ultimately purchasing of advertised items.